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Mini Lathe Jaw Chuck 3 + Rods

Mini Lathe Jaw Chuck 3 + Rods

Product Code: Mini-3
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Mini Lathe Jaw Chuck 3 + Rods

Product Description

This is the Mini Lathe Jaw Chuck 3, it comes with 2 lock rods.  

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions: overall outside diameter 45 mm
  • Maximum clamping diameter: 20 mm
  • Thread: M12 * 1 (non-standard)
  • Hole diameter: 10 mm
  • Uses: Fixed solid material or hollow circle, triangle material, hexagonal material.
  • Also with the two locking iron, jaw locking plate is used, instead of connecting rod!

Please note:
 The two lock-jaw-iron insert disc 2 small holes, rotating disk locking jaw-jaw open or closed iron will turn chuck until the jaw is pushed out, It can change the direction of jaw-jaw plate the maximum size of workpiece clamping.
     Note: When installing jaw, the disk number and the number on the correspondence to claw, claw at installation should be screwed into the order of 1, 2, and note that the three-jaw disk inside the thread guide, the guide rail has a gap, the gap is screwed onto the groove edge fashion 1 -1 claw, claw 2 is screwed onto the groove edge fashion 2 feet, screwed to the slot edge fashion 3 feet 3 claws. (Anti-claw can go to maximum diameter of about 45 mm!)

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