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CNC Offline Motion Controller Standalone Unit : 5 Axis

CNC Offline Motion Controller Standalone Unit : 5 Axis

Product Code: SMC5-5
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CNC Offline Motion Controller Standalone Unit : 5 Axis

Product Description

  • This is the CNC Offline Motion Controller Standalone Unit : 5 Axis, It comes with a large 7inch screen.
  • Parameter setting: the control parameters related to processing and operation can be set up to make the processing effect reach the best state.
  • Manual operation: manual operation, point movement, return program zero, back machine zero, coordinate zero and so on.
  • Program management: the program can be new, deleted, modified, read, save, copy and paste, automatic processing, continuous, pause and other functions.
  • External IO input: a variety of external IO input controls can be defined to facilitate use
  • Free selection of input functions: the limited input port can achieve various user needs
  • Handwheel: hold an external handwheel to control input or host panel advanced function key analog handwheel, handwheel support speed mode or position mode
  • The numerical control system is mainly composed of the following parts:
  • High performance, high speed 32 bit ARM CPU, high sex function FPGA
  • Liquid crystal display (resolution: 800 x 480)
  • Input / output (16 way photoelectric isolation 10MA input, 8 way photoelectric isolation drop tank flow 500MA output)

Product Specifications

  • Minimum standard data unit 0.001mm
  • Conventional precision is positive and negative 2PP pole
  • The precision of the continuous line corner is one of the 4 points of the angle of the corner.
  • (can be defined as an arbitrary value to meet high precision requirements)
  • Maximum data size + 99999.999mm
  • Maximum pulse output frequency 500KHz (five axis can be simultaneously 500KHZ)
  • 5 axis (X, Y, Z, A, B) controlled by the number of axis
  • 5 axis linkage of linkage shaft number and 5 axis multi line multi line segment prospective interpolation control
  • Hand wheel control speed mode or position mode intelligent cutting deceleration point
  • The intelligent software is limited to predict the deceleration point ahead of time, the reverse will be automatically lifted and the control is more humanized
  • Support U disk, built-in memory, which can expand the high storage capacity of 32G
  • Cell Battery for the controller is not included with the unit. This can be purchased at your local store.

Product Package

1 X CNC Offline Motion Controller Standalone Unit : 5 Axis

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