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Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator 5L / 10L - Olive

Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator 5L / 10L - Olive

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Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator 5L / 10L - Olive

Product Description

This is the A-grade medical oxygen concentrator machine, which provides excellent purity. 

Our oxygen Concentrator adopts 220V/110V AC power supply, uses air as raw material and high-quality molecular sieve as adsorbent, and adopts the principle of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) to directly separate oxygen from nitrogen at normal temperature, oxygen of high purity is thereby produced.OLV-5A home care oxygen concentrator By supplying oxygen to patients, the machine can help the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, chronic obstructive pneumonia etc. and the rehabilitation of anoxic patients.Oxygen absorption can improve physical oxygen supply condition and achieve the purpose of oxygenating care. It is suitable for the middle-aged and elderly, people with poor physical fitness, pregnant women, students and other people who suffer different degrees of physiological hypoxia. It can also eliminate fatigue and restore somatic function after heavy physical or mental exertion.

Home Oxygen concentrator is a device that extracts oxygen from atmosphric air.it will typiacally be an electrically-powered molecular sieve (artificial zeolite)used to separate nitrogen from ambient air. it could be applied widely in the hospitals at all different level,clinics,health centers and family nursing ,health care for the old person, mental workers and students,etc The oxyegen concentrator can supply 1-2 patients

When deciding what kind of Home oxygen concentrator is best for you, it is important to determine what kind of oxygen delivery you would prefer: Pulse Dose or Continuous Flow.Pulse Dose vs. Continuous Flow: The DifferencePulse Dose (PD) is based on breathing and inhaling, whereas Continuous Flow (CF), as its name implies, is delivered at a constant rate indiscriminate of the user’s breathing.For continuous flow, think of it like a water fountain: If an individual stands in front of a water fountain flowing at 1 liter per minute, they don’t actually drink one full liter of water. The amount of water a person drinks is a product of the number of sips and the size of the sip. The rest of the water is wasted. The same applies to continuous flow oxygen; the net amount inspired is a combination of the flowrate, the number of breaths and the size of the breaths.Pulse Dose is more sophisticated. Pulse Dose mechanisms are more sensitive, utilizing an oxygen conserver and other technology to deliver oxygen based on breathing rates and other factors. PD is more akin to a glass of water with a straw than a fountain; the intake will be based purely on the amount and intensity of sips. When an oxygen concentrator is said to be a “single-solution” for on-the-go, at home, and sleep, it usually employs this type of technology so that it can deliver the proper amount of oxygen during all phases of daily activity and during rest.

Product Features

Please note: Below is for demonstration purposes, the unit comes with one Oxygen Outlet. Should you require 2 Oxygen outlets please let us know and it can be added on for additional cost.

Based on this difference, it’s also important to consider how you’d like to use the oxygen: on the go, at home, or just for sleep. Pulse dose Home  oxygen concentrators seem to be preferable for doing a number of different things, but continuous flow Home oxygen concentrators may be a sufficient option, particularly if breathing will remain relatively constant.More logistical factors to consider are size, weight, and battery life of the oxygen concentrator. Think of your daily routines, and how adding this device might alter them, if at all.The final factor, of course, is consulting with your physician and health care provider to establish a plan that you are comfortable with.

Produce Oxygen+Atomizing,one Machine With 2 Functions(nebulizer function optional)

1.Remarks: It is not possible to switch to the atomization mode during the oxygen production process

2.Guaranteed Oxygen Technology

Multi-sate Automatic Optimization of oxygen production technology is Guaranteed make use more assured

Product Specs

Please note we supply 5L and 10L only:  ( OLV-5A  + OLV-10 ) 

Product Package

Please note: It is important to set the machine oxygen level according to your healthcare provider. Please consult your doctor on your oxygen level requirement.

Please note : Available on order , Lead time is 2 - 3 weeks.

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