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Laser Module - 40W - 450Nm + Adapter + Goggles

Laser Module - 40W - 450Nm + Adapter + Goggles

Product Code: Laser-40W
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Laser Module - 40W - 450Nm + Adapter + Goggles

Product Description

This is the latest Gen 2 - 40W laser module, which has an output power of 15W as opposed to the 5.5 and 7.5mw laser modules. 

Some of its features are: 

  • Designed for Laser Engraver, 3D printer, CNC mill, Arduino project.
  • 15W Optical power output, 4mm plywood from 1 pass (speed 200), 3mm black acrylic board from 1 pass, Able to engrave stainless steel.
  • More Safety, Built-in protective glass to protect eyes! Even without wearing protective glasses, the operation is more comfortable.
  • More Quiet, Intelligent drive adjust the cooling fan speed according to laser temperature.
  • Heatsink Material:Aircraft Aluminum +Blue Shell
  • Luminous Color:Blue
  • Cooling Mode:Temperature sensor intelligent control + 10000 rpm 40mm cooling fan
  • Can Engrave:MDF/Balsa/Paper/Wood/Fabric/Plastic/Leather/Plywood/Foam Paper/Anodized Aluminum/Stone/Ceramics/ Stainless Steel
  • Can Not Engrave:Metal/Glass/Stone/Ceramics/PCB/Reflective Material/ Transparent Material
  • The slidable mounting fixture is provided for easy adjustment of focus.

The default laser module size is the smaller one, as this fits on most CNC machines like the CNC 3018 PRO, 2418.  

Please note: There are 2 sizes available for this laser, the smaller size is sent upon order.

Product Specs:

  • Module Input:40W
  • Optical power output:15W
  • Wavelength:450nm
  • Beam Shape:Dot (fixed focus)
  • Working Voltage:DC 12V
  • TTL&PWM Modulation:YES, Compatible with Both TTL & PWM Modulation
  • Input Voltage:DC12V 3-4A
  • PWM/TTL Input:DC 5V
  • Input Interface:3Pin (+,-, PWM/TTL) , 2Pin+2Pin (+,-) + (PWM/TTL,-)
  • Safe temperature range:<60 ℃
  • Module weight:202g ( The lighter the weight, the smaller the move inertia, the better the performance )
  • Life Time:10000-20,000 hours

Product Package

  • 1 X Laser Module
  • 1 X Laser Module Adapter
  • 1 X Laser Module Goggle

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