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Fiber Laser Metal Marking Machine - Raycus 20W

Fiber Laser Metal Marking Machine - Raycus 20W

Product Code: MK-20S
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Fiber Laser Metal Marking Machine - Raycus 20W

Product Description

This is the Fiber Laser Metal Marking Machine - Raycus 20W. The unit comes complete with all parts required to operate the machine. Software is provided. The laser all-fiber design ensures high reliability of the laser, without any adjustment of the optical collimating element.

Small and compact, small footprint, easy to transport, and easy to carry.

The computer host system is separated from the marking system, which is convenient for marking. The parts of the equipment are manufactured in strict accordance with quality standards.

It provides excellent results in marking and labeling: Machine works with software EZCAD and also works with various software such as Fusion 360.

  • Metal
  • Hard Plastic
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Jewelry
  • Brass
  • Carbon Steel
  • Bulbs
  • and many more! 


1. Q: What are the file types that Software imports?

A: You can import any jpg, bmp, plt, dxf and png files you want.

2. Q: What are the computer requirements?

A: Machines are compatible with Windows® XP / 7/8/10 both 32-bit and 64-bit

Operating systems. The file transfer is performed via USB connection to the computer on Speeds up to 500 KB per second or direct transfer via USB flash drive.

3. Q: Is there any laser machine maintenance?

A: All configurations of EM-Smart laser marking machine is maintenance-free

4. Q: How does the Smart machine work?

A: A laser machine works by directing a very powerful laser beam at a precise focal length

A variety of materials. Depending on the speed and power set, the laser beam will either remove the surface of the material or cut through it.

5. Q: What are the consumables?

A: The EM-Smart laser marking machine as free of maintenance and there are no consumables.

6. Q: Does your laser run from a laptop or Desktop PC?

A: both are OK, as long as your operating system is window 2000 / XP / vista / win7, win10.

7. Q: Does your laser work from printer in coreldraw / autocad?

A: Our laser machine can work in CorelDraw and AutoCAD directly. and it connects to PC through a USB cable.

8. Q: What files is the software compatible with?


Product Specs

  • Model: MLF-20W
  • Laser Source: IPG brand
  • Mainboard and control software: Genuine EZCAD
  • Average output power: 20W
  • Center Wavelength: 1064nm
  • Power range(%):10%-100%
  • Standard Marking Area:110mm×110
  • Marking Depth: 0.01~0.08mm
  • Marking speed: 2000mm/s
  • Max position speed: 8000mm/s
  • Pulse energy: 1mJ
  • Pulse duration:<130ns@20khz
  • Min. linear width: 0.01mm
  • Min. Character size: 0.2mm
  • Repetition Accuracy: 0.005mm
  • Repetition Frequency range (Khz): 30-200kHz
  • Output Beam Diameter(mm):7mm
  • Beam Quality ㎡: <2
  • Output fiber cable length: 3M
  • Graphic format supported: .bmp, .jpg, .tga,. png, .tif, .ai, .dxf, .dst, .plt, etc
  • Supply voltage: AC 110/220V, 50/60Hz
  • Cooling way: Air cooling 
  • Operating Temperature(℃): 0-40
  • Package dimension: 83*79*50cm
  • Package gross weight: 68KGS
  • CE Certificate: Approved 
  • FDA certificate: Approved
  • ROHS certificate: Approved

The unit is shipped assembled. Plug and Play! 

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