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Master 3 Max Laser Engraver + Cutter Machine + 40W/80W Laser Module

Master 3 Max Laser Engraver + Cutter Machine + 40W/80W Laser Module

Product Code: NEJE-Master-3Max
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Master 3 Max Laser Engraver + Cutter Machine + 40W/80W Laser Module

Product Description

This is the powerful and large Master 3 Max Laser Engraver + Cutter Machine + 40W / 80W Laser Module. This is the upgrade version from the Master 2S. Improved motherboard, upgraded laser lens and so much more! 

- 【810 x 460 mm】 large engraving area. 6133 x 10800 px, Engraving accuracy: 0.075mm Dot pitch, 339 dot/inch. The whole machine is tested and shipped, and only 6 screws are required to complete the installation.

- 【Advanced laser module】 The laser beam is formed by combining two high-power laser diodes and adopts FAC technology. The minimum focus point reaches 0.04x0.04mm(A40640 module). Support NEJE advanced laser module, Built-in fast intelligent drive, temperature feedback can be timely, and intelligently adjust fan heat dissipation. Safe and quiet to use.

- 【More materials and more clear】 Wood, MDF, leather, paper, cotton etc. are all supported, 8mm plywood only needs to be cut once with air asist, the cut is very clean. Direct engraving of stainless steel. Glass, transparent acrylic, and other materials can be engraved in a certain way.

- 【Portable professional control software】 32-bit control system, the fastest speed reaches 150000mm/min, supports LaserGRBL, Lightburn, NEJE software, NEJE APP (Android, iOS, ipadOS, macOS).

Below is for demonstration purposes, this is the Master 3 Max version:

Machine Addons

CNC Software: Add the Lightburn Software to the machine if you'd like to use lightburn, there are alternatives like lasergrbl software that can be used. Lightburn is the preferred software for this machine.

A quick video guide below on how to assemble the machine and get started!

Product Features

1. Larger area, 460 x 810 mm engraving and cutting area 2. 30W power module, optical power output 5.5W, focal point 0.1mm, support engraving and cutting./40W power module, optical power output 15W, focal point 0.1mm, support engraving and cutting. 3. Professional, support the latest grbl 1.1f firmware, support laserGRBL, benbox, and lightburn software. 4. The most simple and portable engraving experience: support NEJE series software, including NEJE android APP, NEJE windows software, NEJE mac software, NEJE wireless APP for iOS, ipadOS, macOS. NEJE Scanner APP. 5. Safety design, the laser module comes with a protective panel design to block more than 90% of the leaking light; built-in MEMS Roll protection. 6. Quiet use, intelligent drive, can automatically adjust the fan speed according to the laser temperature. 7. Two ways to adjust the focus, you can directly adjust the focus, you can also adjust the focus to a fixed position, use a fixed thickness board to adjust the focus, which can simultaneously take into account the use of engraving and cutting. 8. Support NEJE 4pin interface series modules, including 3500mw, 7W, 20W, 30W, 40W, etc.

Product Package

  • Laser engraving machine
  • 40/80W Laser Module ( depending on the option you choose )
  • 12V3A power supply
  • European standard adapter 
  • Manual
  • Red glasses 
  • (Data cable 1, wooden board 1, paper 5, pen 1, brush 1, focusing film 1, angle iron 4, alumina film 1, cable tie 3, nut 5, large hexagon wrench 1, small hexagon wrench 1, Open wrench 1)

Neotronics SA has been in the CNC Laser industry for over 7 years, with excellent product knowledge and quality service, feel free to reach out to us!

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