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Flyingbear Reborn 2 - 3D Printer

Flyingbear Reborn 2 - 3D Printer

Product Code: flyingbear-Reborn2
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R12,990.00 (Incl Vat R14,938.50)

Flyingbear Reborn 2 - 3D Printer

Product Description

This is the later model of Flyingbear which was back by popular demand, the Reborn 2 is one of the most premium 3D Printers in the market today. 

Product Features

1. All-aluminum frame structure

Fully enclosed metal frame, durable and won’t deformation.

2. Core X-Y Structure

More high printing speed thanks to super-low motion inertial.

3. Maximum Nozzle temperature 450℃

New designed hot end, the nozzle can be heated to 450℃.

4. Super less rate hose blockage

Hose inner wall 0.2um roughness, reduce the blockage rate to ensure high precision.

5. The high running accuracy

The XYZ shafts are all linear guides to improve the running accuracy.

6.220V Silicone Heating Bed

The hotbed was heated with 220v silicone, faster heating speed and more uniform.

7. The Newest Design Extruder

*Direct extruder, reduced extruder distance, for more high extruder precision

*Cleaning filament Easily, Removable feeding hole cleans the blocked filament inside easily

*More High Extruder Reduction Ratio, The Ratio keeps to 1:7.5, More fast and stable extruder results

*Real-time observation, Transparent extruder, watching and checking the extrusion status directly

*Dual cooling fan, improving the model surface printing quality

8. Flame Detection Function

The machine will automatically alarm and cut off the power supply if a fire occurs due to overtime printing.

9. Linear advance function

The extruder adopts a tmc2209 drive to bring higher quality printing.

10. Colorful touch screen

High a sensitive screen operating, comfortable and simple to use.

11.Wi-Fi connection Function

the way users upload printing files fast and simple

12. Filament run-out Sensor

The runout sensor function will automatically Pause when the filament is out or broken.

13. The Resume printing

the printer can keep printing if the power fails, less worries about the power off.

14. Easy and fast installation

80% of the accessories have been Pre-installed, and come with detailed installation videos are attached, just spend several minutes to start your printing easily

Product Specs

Please note: Locally Stocked. Available for Immediate Shipping.

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